Erin L Sullivan

Research Coordinator HPV Vaccine Effectiveness

Departments & Organizations

School of Public Health


Erin Sullivan was trained in psychology at the University of Connecticut and joined the research staff of Yale School of Medicine’s Psychiatry department in 2001. She is currently a research associate at Yale’s School of Public Health.

Ms. Sullivan has an extensive background in both psychiatry & public health research, with specific training in substance abuse, severe mental illness, and the HPV vaccine. While at Yale, she has coordinated clinical trials assessing alcohol dependence and pathological gambling, as well as cognition, smoking cessation, weight loss, and general health improvement studies in severe mental illness (SMI).  Ms. Sullivan is currently coordinating the HPV Vaccine Working Group at Yale’s HPV Vaccine Effectiveness trial.

Erin has supported numerous faculty and has been involved in all aspects of trial development, from initial design and submission to the day-to-day recruitment, tracking subject flow, and overseeing data collection, entry, and analysis.

Education & Training

BA University of Connecticut, Psychology

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