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Information for New MPH Students

Welcome to the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH), Yale University, and New Haven. We are excited about having you join us this year and hope to help make your transition to Yale a smooth one. With that in mind, this webpage will provide information on some of the key topics new students are faced with as they prepare to arrive on campus. Please visit this page throughout the coming months, as it will be updated regularly with important information and “to dos” for new students.

Attn: MS and PhD Students

The information on this page is for the MPH Program. Department orientation for MS and PhD students will be held in late August. Details will be sent this summer. If you have questions about the MS and PhD orientation program, contact Melanie Elliot

Getting Started

Important Dates

As you look to beginning your time at Yale, we strongly advise that you review the 2019-2020 academic calendar for important dates. Please be sure to check out the Current Student Resources for other important information as well.

Some important upcoming dates and deadlines include:

  • April 1 & April 8: Admitted Student Open House 
  • April 15: Notice of Intent Form and Seat Deposit Due
  • April 22: Application opens for on-campus housing
  • May 15: Financial Aid Certification Form due for International AP MPH Students 
  • May 30: Financial Aid Certification Form due for International MPH Students
  • May 31: Photo due for Yale ID card
  • June 20: becomes available for vaccination record submissions (download the vaccination forms from the Yale Health website)
  • June 25: Deadline to apply for Yale Payment Plan (Annual Plan)
  • July 1: Tuition due for summer session (Advanced Professional MPH and Accelerated MBA/MPH students)
  • July 1: Orientation for Advanced Professional MPH and Accelerated MBA/MPH students - schedule
  • July 2: Summer session classes begin for Advanced Professional MPH and Accelerated MBA/MPH students
  • August 1: Tuition due for fall term
  • August 1: Required healthcare forms due to Yale Health
  • August 9: Final official transcript(s) due to YSPH Office of Admissions
  • August 16: Summer session classes end
  • August 19 – 23: Orientation for incoming MPH students
  • August 28: Fall term classes begin
  • September 2: Labor Day; classes do NOT meet
  • September 15: Waiver form for health coverage due (only for students who want to waive parts of the coverage – form available in June)
  • December 1: Tuition due for spring term
rev. 12.13.2018

Visas for International Students

International students who will require a visa to study at Yale must complete the Financial Certification Form which is used to document your ability to fund the costs of the program. The funds that need to be documented are as follows:

  • For Advanced Professionals Students: $86,967 is required. To bring a dependent for the program, you must document an additional  $725 USD/month for a spouse and/or an additional $525/month per child. 
  • For Accelerated MBA/MPH students: the costs for the summer term of $16,895 needs to be submitted to SOM in addition to their required costs. We highly recommend also including the $45,000 required for the last semester at YSPH.
  • For the MPH Program: you must document your ability to pay $70,072 per year for a total of $140,144. To bring a dependent for the MPH Program, you must document an additional $13,050 if you will bring a spouse and/or $9,450 for each child. 

For Advanced Professional MPH and Accelerated MBA/MPH students, this is due by May 15. For 2-year MPH students, the deadline is May 30.

Once your form and the appropriate documentation are submitted to YSPH, the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) will prepare your immigration document. If you have any questions, please contact YSPH Admissions at

OISS serves as a resource for immigration-related matters throughout international students’ time at Yale. The office’s website is a great resource for new international students coming to Yale.  

Planning for Finances at YSPH

Tuition & Financial Aid

Costs are outlined on our Financial Aid website.  You will also find information on searching for outside scholarships and loans here.

Billing and Payment

Student Accounts, bills, and payments are coordinated by Student Financial Services. Their website includes more detailed information on understanding your bill and making payments. 

All bills are published online through the electronic Ebill/Epay system.  The standard billing dates are as follows:

Bill Published

Bill Due by 4pm

Summer Bill (if applicable)

June 1

July 1

Fall Term Bills

July 1

August 1

Spring Term Bills

November 1

December 1

Students can give others permission (proxy access) to the eBill-ePay system to view the monthly student account statements and make online payments through Proxy Management on the Student Information Systems (SIS) website . To learn more about Proxy Management, please go to this web site: Please set up any proxies (parents and others) you may want to access the eBill-ePay system as soon as possible but no later than June 15 . This will allow them to receive an email announcement of the availability of the fall 2019 term bill during the first week in July.

If you want to pay a portion of the bill over 10 months instead of in two term payments you have the option to enroll in the Yale Payment Plan each year for a $100 fee. This may be helpful for someone with a sponsor (most commonly a parent or spouse) who has continued income while you’re in school. If sponsor is supporting your living expenses they can give the money directly to you rather than enrolling in the payment plan. But if they are helping with tuition and fees, or other expenses billed to your student account like health insurance, Yale housing, or a meal plan, the Yale Payment Plan may be helpful. The sponsor should register before April 30 as the first payment is due in May. Students with a Yale Payment Plan must monitor both their Payment Plan account and their Student Account as the Yale Payment Plan is not adjusted for miscellaneous charges.


If your financial aid from all sources covers living expenses as well as tuition, you may be eligible for a refund once the semester begins.   Please review the Student Accounts website for more information.  

You may request your refund once you see an available credit on your bill, but please note refunds are processed the first week of classes.  Therefore you should plan on using savings for initial startup expenses (like your security deposit and first month’s rent for off campus housing) and “reimbursing” yourself out of the refund once classes begin. 

Employment on Campus

Many students at YSPH work part-time during the school year. Their jobs and hours vary greatly. Most students wait until they arrive in New Haven to search for work, but if you’d like to begin sooner, here’s what you need to know about student employment.

In addition to an on-campus hourly wage of at least $12.50 an hour, student employment offers flexible part-time positions designed to allow students to balance their studies and their job. YSPH tuition remission is a not a benefit of part time (or full time) employment at Yale, but you may gain valuable work experience and professional references! Most students work 10-12 hours a week during the school year.

  • Campus Jobs
    Each week available student jobs are posted through Student Employment.
  • Teaching Fellowships
    Several weeks into each term, open Teaching Fellowship positions will be posted.
  • Research Assistant Jobs
    There are research projects that are in need of a research assistant. We suggest you begin your search for a research assistant position by asking your faculty advisor for suggestions. There are also many positions posted on the Student Employment website.



A mandatory orientation for new students will take place the week of August 19 through August 23. Orientation will provide new students with information and resources that will prove helpful during your time at YSPH. In addition to the orientation sessions, there will also be some social functions coordinated by second year students. 

Orientation Schedule 2019

An orientation will be held for Advanced Professional MPH and Accelerated MBA/MPH students on July 1. 

Academic Regulations

Students admitted to the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) are responsible for becoming familiar with the general regulations of YSPH as stated in the “Policies” sections of the Yale School of Public Health Bulletin and with the more specific requirements stated in the individual section on each department or program which may go beyond, or supplement, the general standards. Please note the updated 2019-2020 YSPH Bulletin will be available in mid-August.

Please refer to the MPH Academic Resources webpage for additional details. 

Academic Calendar

Students are strongly advised to review the academic calendar for important dates and deadlines regarding the upcoming academic year. This includes term start and end dates, holidays and breaks, and registration.

Please refer to the MPH Academic Resources webpage for more information.  

Final Transcripts

If your degree was conferred since you submitted your application to SOPHAS and therefore was not verified by SOPHAS, you must provide YSPH with your final official transcript(s) by August 9. These official transcripts must indicate the degree and date received. Instructions on how to submit your final transcripts by mail or electronically to SOPHAS may be found on the SOPHAS website (instructions are the same as those used during the application process).

Please note that the following scenarios can cause delayed application posting/processing by SOPHAS and should be avoided whenever possible:

  • A transcript is not accompanied by a Transcript Request Form or is accompanied by the incorrect form.
  • A transcript is not addressed specifically to "SOPHAS." 
  • A school you attended is missing from the Colleges Attended section. We cannot attach a transcript to your application unless the school is listed.
  • An incorrect school name is listed in the Colleges Attended section. We cannot attach a transcript to your application until it is corrected. 
  • The name on a transcript cannot be found in the SOPHAS database, either because your name changed, was misspelled on the transcript, was misspelled on the application, or you have not yet created a SOPHAS account.

International Institutions
If you earned your degree from an international institution, we require a WES course-by-course evaluation and translation in lieu of the official transcript. If the WES evaluation you provided through the SOPHAS application already confirmed your degree conferral, you do not have to submit a new WES. However, if you completed/will complete your degree after submitting your WES evaluation to SOPHAS, you must provide a new WES evaluation indicating your degree conferral. Updated WES evaluations may be sent directly to SOPHAS using the instructions on the SOPHAS website (instructions are the same as those used during the application process). 

Please note that final transcripts and updated WES evaluations may be sent to SOPHAS until August 9. Documentation sent after this date will not be processed by SOPHAS.

Students will not be allowed to begin classes without this documentation. If you have questions about this matter, or you must send your documentation after August 9 due to a delay in the availability of your final grades, please contact YSPH Admissions at

Change of Address

It is important that we have your current address. This is true for both students within the United States and International students.  Once you activate your NetID, you can use it to update your address in Student Information Systems,


Students at YSPH register for classes once they arrive on campus in August. Students will have the opportunity to “shop” for courses at the beginning of the fall term. This course shopping period allows students to attend a variety of classes before finalizing their fall schedule. During orientation students will receive details about using the online registration system.

Students can review prior course descriptions in the YSPH Bulletin. The fall 2019 course schedule will be available in early summer.

Please note that Advanced Professional MPH and Accelerated MBA/MPH students will be pre-registered for their summer 2019 courses.

Academic Advisors

Academic advisors are vital partners in students' success at YSPH. Students are assigned faculty advisors within their departments. Students will receive information about their advisor assignment prior to arriving in August. Students will be expected to meet with their advisor during the first week of classes to finalize their course selections.

Student ID Card

Yale University requires that all students be issued an official Yale University photo identification card. You will need this card to gain access to transportation facilities, the YSPH buildings, dormitories, and other facilities and services.

In order to have your University ID card ready for you at orientation, you will be requested to electronically submit a color PASSPORT PHOTO.  If a Passport Photo is not possible, you may submit a color snapshot showing a full front view of your head and shoulders. You will also have the option of mailing a photo in lieu of an electronic upload.  Please submit all photos no later than May 31 by going to


Textbook information is available on the Yale Bookstore website. Faculty will also post textbook and reading information on the course management website (Canvas) at the beginning of the term.

Resource Office on Disabilities

The Resource Office on Disabilities works with all students at the University. Registering with the Resource Office on Disabilities is a required first step for students who wish to request a disability related accommodation or service. Students must contact the Resource Office and meet with the Director to discuss accommodation(s). Appropriate documentation is required and will be discussed with the student.

Student Life

Yale E-mail

As a Yale student you are provided with an email account that University offices will use to send you important information. This email account becomes available when you activate your NetID and it is important that you check it frequently.

As a student at YSPH, you will have an EliApps email account. Your email can be accessed at (click on the EliApps link). You will be redirected to a page where you will enter your NetID and password. Please note you will receive an email with your NetID once your Notice of Intention form and seat deposit have been processed.


There is no lack of housing opportunities for new students coming to Yale. Though the “best” living choice is completely dependent on personal preferences, we encourage you to consider a variety of options. There are lots of great areas in New Haven to choose from, so take a look at what the city has to offer and learn more about some of the neighborhoods.

On-Campus Housing
There are a number of on-campus housing options available to graduate and professional school students. Most MPH students that choose to live on campus select Harkness Hall for its proximity to YSPH. The Graduate Housing Office has a wealth of information about on campus housing options. There is an application process for on campus housing and rooms are limited, so if you are considering living on campus we encourage you to complete an application early. The application opens on April 22.

Off-Campus Housing
It is impossible to capture the full breadth of rental housing available in New Haven. However, Yale Off Campus Living, is a key resource for your housing and apartment search and has been designed to help ease your move into the exciting and diverse City of New Haven and its surrounding areas.

Information Technology Services

Students at YSPH are required to have laptop computers so that they can access various software programs that enhance their educational experience.  The specifications below are the minimum system requirements to ensure that your computer is properly configured to run necessary course tools:

OS: Windows 10
RAM: 16 GB of RAM or higher
Hard drive: 256 GB or higher with a minimum of 100 GB of free hard drive space

OSX: version 10.13 or higher
Windows VM on Mac: Windows 10
RAM: 16 GB (especially if with a Windows VM)
Hard Drive: 256 GB for OSX alone, 512 GB with Windows VM. Each should have 100 GB free

If you are looking to purchase a new laptop, Yale also has a purchasing agreement in place with GovConnection, which provides Yale students discounted prices on various products. This includes new Yale standard personal computers from Lenovo, Adobe software, cables, and accessories.  Apple also offers special education pricing on Apple computers and software. Apple's Portal for Yale Students. There is also software available in Yale’s Software Library that students can either purchase at a discounted rate or even free.  You will need your NetID to access the library.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you have specific questions, you can contact Information Technology Services (

Student Health Services

Yale Health is Yale University’s full service health center. This summer you’ll need to communicate with Yale Health to provide immunization records and to register for—or request a waiver of—student health insurance. Once the fall semester begins, the Yale Health facility serves as a resource for the Yale community to access medical care and coverage.

There are a number of forms and documents that require your attention on Yale Health’s Student website. Once there, click on "New Graduate and Professional Students." Some of these documents need to be completed and submitted by May 31, so please review them in a timely manner. Students will not be allowed to register for classes or reside in the dormitories unless they have completed all the proper forms.

Students in the Advanced Professional MPH and Accelerated MBA/MPH in Health Care Management programs will not automatically have Yale Health coverage during their summer term. Students interested in summer coverage should contact Yale Health for more information.


Whether you’re looking for ways to get around New Haven or travel beyond the city, there are numerous transportation options will help you get to your destination.

Athletics and Recreation

There are a variety of ways to stay physically active and enjoy sports and recreation at Yale. The Yale Student Life website has helpful information on the many resources available.

Stay Connected

As a reminder, you can connect with other newly admitted and current students on the Class of 2021 Facebook group. Admission staff will also be on the page answering questions and posting information. You will be added to the YSPH Class of 2021 email listserv prior to the start of the fall term as well.

We also encourage you to download the Yale iPhone or Android app to stay connected to everything going on around campus with news, events, photos, videos and more.

And for the latest news and research from the Yale School of Public Health, follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Additional Student Life Resources

More information about life at Yale and living in New Haven is available at

MPH Contacts