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Guidelines for Academic Advising

Students entering the MPH program at the Yale School of Public Health undertake an educational sequence that begins with coursework and ends with the successful completion of a thesis or a capstone experience.  Along the way, there are many decisions to be made and challenges to be met.  Therefore, each student is assigned an academic adviser who is a faculty member and who has the responsibility of serving as a guide and mentor.  The adviser will assist the student in designing an academic program that meets the student’s goals within the framework of the school and will direct the student to appropriate resources and research opportunities.

Responsibilities of the Adviser

  • Meet with your advisees during the shopping period of each semester and assist  in the selection of courses.
  • Approve online course registrations by the published deadline (see academic calendar).
  • Ensure the advisee meets core and divisional degree requirements.
  • Advise student on internship placement and career choices.
  • Refer students to appropriate individuals or offices that provide resources and academic support.
  • Write letters of recommendation as appropriate.
  • Attend divisional social or professional functions with students.

Responsibilities of the Advisee

  • Arrange a meeting with your adviser at the beginning of each semester (within the shopping period) to review your course selections and have your course registration approved by published registration deadlines. (see academic calendar). Be sure to allow enough time to meet with your adviser before the registration deadline.
  • Identify a mutually agreed upon framework for timely and periodic meetings with your adviser.
  • Consult with your adviser about any changes in scheduling, dropping or withdrawing from courses, academic issues, internship plans etc.

Change of Adviser

For a variety of reasons a student may wish to change their faculty adviser. Change of Adviser Forms are available online on the YSPH website or in the Office of Student Affairs.