YSPH MPH Student Email Listservs

The Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) Office of Student Affairs provides two types of listservs for the benefit of its students, namely, moderated listservs and unmoderated listservs.

Moderated Listservs

ysph2017@mailman.yale.edu / ysph2018@mailman.yale.edu
Moderated listserv messages typically come from YSPH Student Affairs, Career Services, Academic Departments, or the Dean's Office. They can include information on academic deadlines, financial aid news, events and workshops, emergency notifications, Dean's Office announcements and anything that would affect all students.

MPH students are automatically subscribed to the moderated listserv based on their relationship to the School. Subscription information is maintained and handled by the YSPH Office of Student Affairs.

Students are not allowed to unsubscribe from this listserv.

The List Moderator shall determine whether a submission is appropriate for the list based on the aforementioned criteria.

Unmoderated Listserv


The unmoderated listserv is typically used for announcements that all YSPH students (i.e. MPH, MS and PhD) are not required to know about, but may like to be aware of. This includes events, speakers, seminars, etc. being held at YSPH and elsewhere within the University. Off-campus events may also be posted but should be open to all students.

Only subscribers may post to the unmoderated listserv. Conduct of subscribers who use the unmoderated listserv is governed by applicable University rules, policies and codes of conduct. Complaints of unmoderated listserv abuse should be directed to the YSPH Office of Student Affairs.

This listserv should not include any items for sale or rent.

MPH students may unsubscribe at any time. Subscriptions may also be controlled by the list owner.