The MPH Internship

All MPH students, except those in the Advanced Professional program and accelerated MBA-MPH program, are required to do a full-time summer internship. The internship is typically 10-12 weeks and no less than 8 weeks in duration. The MPH internship enables students to participate in real world public health projects and research through local, national and international placements. It is also an opportunity for students to clarify their professional goals and to evaluate their career options. Both the Office of Public Health Practice and Office of Career Services play roles in assisting students with the summer internship process.

Meeting Internship Requirements

The Office of Public Health Practice offers special workshops during the spring semester to provide hands on support to students in developing their internship work plans. One-on-one assistance is also available upon request. Contact Diane Frankel-Gramelis.
April 28: Student work plans are due in the Office of Public Health Practice for review and approval. 
September 14: Student’s Evaluation and Final Report are due. 
September 14: Preceptor Evaluation is due.

Important Dates

February - Attend one of the mandatory internship meetings

February - Attend one of the funding workshops

March 25  - Funding applications due

April 28 - Student Work plans due

September 14 - Student Evaluation and Final Report due

September 14 - Preceptor Evaluation due