Core Curriculum MPH

Students in the traditional two-year M.P.H. program are required to complete 20 course units, which include the core curriculum, departmental requirements, and electives both within YSPH and in other schools at the University. Course units are not given for seminars and colloquia.

Full-time students must carry a minimum of 4 course units per term for four terms and must complete all course requirements (including the thesis) within five years of matriculation.

Part-time student status is granted to those students taking fewer than 4 course units per term. Part-time students are encouraged to take at least 2 course units per term and must complete all course requirements (including the thesis) within five years of matriculation.

Core Curriculum for the Traditional Two-Year M.P.H. Degree

BIS 505a and b Introduction to Statistical Thinking I & II* (1 course unit each term)
CDE/EMD 508a Principles of Epidemiology I (1 course unit)
EPH 515a Ethics and Public Health (0 course unit) 
EPH 520c Summer Internship (0 course unit)
EPH 525b Thesis (2 course units)

One of the following:

CDE 505a Social and Behavioral Influences on Health (1 course unit)
CDE 537b Social and Interpersonal Influences in Health (1 course unit)

One of the following:

EHS 503a Introduction to Toxicology (1 course unit)
EHS 510a Contemporary Issues in Environmental Health (1 course unit) 

One of the following:

HPA 510a Health Policy and Health Systems (1 course unit)
HPA 560b Health Care Economics and US Health Policy (1 course unit)

Public Health Practice requirement

All students in the M.P.H. program are required to complete a Public Health Practice experience. YSPH Public Health Practice requirement guidelines are outlined in Appendix I. There are four options for satisfying this requirement:

EPH 500b Public Health Practicum (1 course unit)
EPH 520c Summer Internship (with prior approval from the Office of Community Health) (0 course units)
EPH 542b Community Health Program Planning (1 course unit)
HPA 555a or b Health Management Practicum (HP and HCM students only) (1 course unit)

*BIS505 b is not required for HP and HCM students.