Core Curriculum MPH

The core curriculum for the MPH program consists of 5 courses, the Professional Skills Seminar and an Introduction to Ethics and Public Health. Our foundational classes in biostatistics, epidemiology, social and structural determinants of health inequities, and health policy and health care systems ground students with the breadth of skill sets and perspectives essential to careers in public health. "Major Health Threats" is an interdisciplinary, team-taught course that uses a combination of lectures, case studies, and vignette approaches. Students learn to actively apply concepts, hone data interpretation skills, and frame research and health solution projects.

Core Curriculum for the Traditional Two-Year M.P.H. Degree

  • EPH 505a - Biostatistics in Public Health (not required for BIS)
  • EPH 507a - Social Justice and Health Equity
  • EPH 513b - Social, Environmental, and Biological Determinants of Major Health Threats
  • EPH 508a - Foundations of Epidemiology and Public health
  • EPH 515a - Ethics and Public Health: An Introduction
  • EPH 510a - Health Policy and Health Care Systems