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Five-Year BA-BS/MPH Program for Yale College Students

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The BA-BS/MPH Program in Public Health offers Yale College students interested in the field of public health the opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s degree from Yale College and an MPH degree from the Yale School of Public Health in a five-year joint program. The program provides students the opportunity to translate classroom knowledge into real-world contexts, including:

  • the formulation and implementation of health and social policies;
  • the design of experiments testing the efficacy of health promoting interventions;
  • the administration of programs, organizations, and interventions that alter health-related behaviors or the delivery of health care services;
  • the development of new institutional arrangements for tackling global health concerns;
  • the collection and analysis of data to improve the health of communities; and
  • the application of laboratory techniques to reduce the threats of various infectious diseases.

The program builds on an established portfolio of interdisciplinary scholarship at the School of Public Health. The School brings together students with a wide variety of past experiences, prior education, and substantive interests. Accordingly, we encourage applicants from the sciences, social sciences and the humanities. The five-year program permits considerable flexibility in combining an undergraduate major with a complementary MPH concentration.

The public health curriculum at Yale is analytically focused and conceptually grounded. It is designed to impart in students a broad understanding of the factors that shape the health of populations and to equip them with evaluative tools for determining how health shortfalls might be effectively addressed. As such, the program usefully complements an interest in related professions such as medicine, law or management and offers socially meaningful applications for theoretical training in the physical and social sciences.

BA-BS/MPH Program Information Session

Thursday, September 26, 5:00 pm 

Linsly Chittenden Hall, Room 211

If you have any additional questions, please email

For more Information Contact

Mary Keefe
Office of Admissions  
(203) 785-6276