YSPH Career Paths: Class of 2017

Business & Industry 19%

Further Education 22%

Government/Public Sector 11%

Hospital/Medical Center 17%

NGO/Non Profit 7%

Consulting 14%

Hospital-based Research 9%

Policy Institute/Think Tank 2%

Our recent graduates have leapt into exciting careers in consulting, research, hospital administration, regulatory affairs, global health, surveillance and much more.

Lives in Public Health

Lives in Public Health (Alumni)

The foundation of my career started at Yale where I learned the art of thinking globally and acting locally, where knowledge and wisdom of the faculty provided the lens to see commonality and yet appreciate the differences in approach to delivering public health services. Working with the national government, grass root organizations and the UN partners not only calls for technical knowledge, but skills and life competency which are cultivated during the internship program and being with a community of fellow students at Yale.