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Emerging Majority Affairs Committee

The Emerging Majority Affairs Committee (EMAC) of the Association of Yale Alumni in Public Health is established as a standing committee of the Board of Directors.


To increase the representation and matriculation of individuals of African and Latino/Hispanic descent and other under-represented groups in the student body.


EMAC is committed to ensuring that the interests and impact of the emerging majority are considered in all matters concerning the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH).

EMAC strives to meet its mission in two distinct ways:

  1. Serving as the liaison between the YSPH alumni and the school on such matters as student and faculty recruitment, financial aid, social and academic support programs, and mentoring; and
  2. Serving as a vehicle for alumni networking with students and other alumni.


EMAC envisions a future when members of the emerging majority of citizens in the United States who seek to enter the field of public health have such opportunities, a future where individuals of various racial and ethnic groups are active participants in the field of public health, a future where such individuals are valued members in conversations around public health awareness, education, disease and injury prevention, ending health disparities, promotion of mental and physical health, and access to effective immunizations, treatment, and supports. EMAC envisions a future where parity is represented on workforce development and where members of the emerging majority participate in research and policies that enhance living, working, learning, and full participation in all aspects of a healthy thriving community.

Executive Committee Members

Kevin Nelson, M.P.H. ‘92
Chair - Executive V.P. & COO, Hudson Health Plan

Miguel McInnis, M.P.H. ‘92
Co-Chair - Principal, McInnis & Associates Consulting, Inc.

Eric Ashton, M.P.H. ‘02
Treasurer - Associate Director, Nonprofit/NGO Leadership Program, University of Pennsylvania

Lynne Bannister, M.P.H. ‘77
Secretary - Consultant

Reid Davis, M.P.H. ‘86
Director of Pharmacy Services, Southwest Connecticut Mental Health System

Gina Engler, M.P.H. ‘03

Linda Marc, M.P.H. ‘92
Lecturer in Public Health Practice, Yale School of Public Health

Keshia Pollack, M.P.H. ‘02
Professor, Johns Hopkins University