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The Quest for Health Equality

Table of Contents

Letters to the Editor

Faced with mounting budget woes, New York lawmakers embrace (and reject) "sin tax" remedies

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  • Smoking, drinking take toll on cancer survivors
  • Birds giving flight to ticks, Lyme disease
  • Young fathers begetting more young fathers
  • D2B strategies saving many heart attack victims
  • Night shift poses health hazard for women
  • Support after heart attack critical to health
  • Childhood obesity defying preventive measures
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Recently passed health care reform in the United States will not erase inequities, but many health professionals agree it is a significant step forward.

  • Rafael Pérez-Escamilla, Ph.D., professor in the division of Chronic Disease Epidemiology at YSPH
  • Saif Rathore, M.P.H., an M.D./Ph.D. student in epidemiology at Yale
  • Jennifer Prah Ruger, M.Sc., Ph.D., associate professor in the division of Health Policy and Administration at YSPH
  • Sir Michael Marmot, Ph.D., professor of epidemiolgoy and public health at University College London, who delivered a Dean's Lecture at YSPH in March
  • Barbara Wolfe, Ph.D., professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who delivered a Dean's Lecture in April at YSPH
  • Beth Jones, M.P.H., '86, Ph.D. '93, research scientist in the division of Chronic Disease Epidemiology at YSPH
  • Karen Davis, president of the Commonwealth Fund
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A City's Well-being

New Haven is marked by health inequities. A YSPH research and her colleagues are committed to narrowing the divide.

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The Troubling Gap

Disturbing disparities in health and health care continue in the United States, but the causes are not so easy to pinpoint.

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Battered Health

A growing body of research examines the long-term and often hidden health effects of domestic abuse.

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The Unhealthy Sting of Racism

A growing body of evidence suggests that victims of discrimination suffer physically as well as emotionally.

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Revamping America's Diet

Far-reaching changes in the nation's eating habits are recommended to stem growing rates of obesity and chronic disease.

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Technology and the Tick

The fight against Lyme disease goes high-tech as YSPH researchers use field studies and mapping technology to develop an application for the iPhone.

Michael Bracken presents award to Sir Iain Chalmers

Researcher Receives Top YSPH honor

Sir Iain Chalmers is recognized by YSPH for a lifetime of achievement.
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  • The land of high mountains
  • A dietary advocate
  • One vegetable at a time
  • A summer's work
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  • A Bhutanese journey
  • Alumni Day 2010
  • Alumni News
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YSPH Notes

Commencement 2010

  • The hard work of good health care
  • Nanotechnology is here, but is it really safe?
  • Global health is vital to policy, but obstacles persist
  • YSPH names its 2010 teacher, mentor of the year
  • Insurance alone cannot solve health disparities
  • Researcher calls for intervention against soda
  • Mayne reappointed to national nutrition policy board
  • Students launch global health film festival at Yale
  • Yale's Ethiopia program achieves milestone
  • HIV infections among gay ment prompt "call to action"
  • China's health is the focus of Yale conference in June
  • Student research paper on asthma earns top honor
  • Genetic origins of brain tumor to be studied with grant
  • $1.3 million awarded to diversity HIV/AIDS scholarship
  • Public health summer camp debuts at YSPH
  • Degutis selected for injury prevention post at CDC
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A renowned researcher's legacy lives on at Yale

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A peaceful refuge for women escaping prostitution