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Tick Finding

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  • Dangers Posed by Indoor Tanning Identified
  • Statins May Help Reduce Flu Mortality
  • Birth Timing Influenced by Scary, Romantic Holidays
  • Health Care Leadership Modeled in Ethiopia
  • Folate Not Associated with Risk of Childhood Asthma
  • Roma Face Heightened Health Risks in Serbia
  • Genetic Link Identified in Brain Tumor
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A weighty problem

  • Jennifer L. Harris, Ph.D. '08, M.B.A., is the director of marketing initiatives for the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity.
  • Michael F. Jacobson, Ph.D, is co-founder and executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington, D.C.
  • Eric Triffin, M.P.H. '86, teaches public health at Southern Connecticut State University.
  • Hannah Arem is a doctoral student in public health at Yale.
  • Sarah Aspinwall is a second-year M.P.H. student at Yale.
  • Debbie Humphries, M.P.H., Ph.D., is a clinical instructor in the division of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases.
  • Kierston Strombotne is a YPSH doctoral student.
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Big Food

The dimensions of a growing public health crisis are outlined in a Peabody Museum exhibition that organizers hope provides healthier food for thought.

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The Weight of Disease

Ongoing research on the links between cancer, excessive weight, diet and exercise may offer remedies for people with terminal illnesses.

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An Expanding State

Americans over the past few decades have grown increasingly heavy for a variety of reasons, including diet, lifestyle changes and economics.

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A Conversation with Kelly Brownell

An outspoken researcher believes that what is good for the modern food industry is not necessarily good for America.

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Rolling Back Obesity

A School of Public Health program seeks to stem troubling rates of obesity and other diseases in New Haven's schools and to build a generation of healthier, better-performing students.

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A Revealing Hand

Scientists are testing a laser technique that could allow for improved and quicker results in the field of dietary research.

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The STIs of BMI

A group of overweight, young females were found to be more prone to sexually transmitted diseases than their slimmer peers. The reasons why are not as clear.

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The Hidden Costs of Diabetes

Beyond its medical complications, diabetes is found to exact a heavy economic and educational toll on younger patients.

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Targeting Obesity at Birth

Yale researcher advocates revamping U.S. dietary guidelines to include infants.

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  • Defining Moments in Public Health
  • A Dengue Diversion
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  • Rinderpest No More
  • The Art of Advocacy
  • A Caring Hand
  • Alumni News
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YSPH Notes

  • Renewed effort needed against neglected tropical diseases, former Yale researcher says.
  • Public Health Training Center created with $2.6 million grant
  • Paying people to kick the habit—novel anti-smoking effort designed for Connecticut
  • Smartphones solution to infant mortality awarded Gates grant
  • YSPH professors appointed to endowed chairs
  • Promoting health through improved relationships
  • Speaking of health
    • An uncompromising stance in the fight against AIDS
    • The end of AIDS is within reach, journalist asserts
    • Staggering loss of life, appalling suffering
    • Logistics sometimes stymie passion of aid workers
    • U.S. population rapidly aging, more elderly
  • At RiskLatino Children's Health
  • Article cited in health care reform challenges
  • YSPH around the world
  • Awards and honors
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Cancer Pioneer Creates and Enduring Legacy

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Senator Briefed on Health Advances, Challenges