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Chantal Hoff - New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven, CT
This banner hangs in one of the MOMS Partnership offices at Temple Medical Center, at a site where many mothers from the community come in to receive our services. I like this banner because it is a colorful reminder of the mission of the MOMS Partnership and exemplifies the warm and welcoming environment that I got to be a part of this summer.

Career goal:

To evaluate and translate research into evidence-based practices in the fields of psychiatric, pediatric and perinatal epidemiology

Internship outline:

I worked at the New Haven MOMS Partnership on a mobile app smoking cessation intervention (MoMba Live Long) to help pregnant women quit smoking and continue to abstain from smoking in the postpartum period. I also assisted in the evaluation of other interventions implemented by the MOMS Partnership and its collaborators.

Value of experience:

I learned that I really enjoy using SAS to evaluate different aspects of interventions, such as the fidelity of how an intervention was delivered. This gives us a better understanding of how effective we are at translating theory and previous work into programs that have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Best moment/experience:

I had the opportunity to run a focus group with participants (moms) who were using the MoMba Live Long app. I loved this experience because it gave me a chance to interact with the participants in a meaningful way and get to know them as people, while receiving constructive feedback about the intervention and suggestions for how to improve it for future iterations.

Funding source:

YSPH/Mark Greenwold Fund

Chantal Hoff