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Calendar Instructions

Calendar Instructions for Faculty, Students and Staff

The full YSPH calendar appears on In addition, each department, program and many administrative units have their own calendars on their child sites. Most events listed on the child site should also be cross listed on the main YSPH calendar. You can access the full YSPH calendar either through the school’s home page or the footer links at the bottom of the home page.

If you click on an event to see its detailed description, you will see at the bottom an option for “share event”. You can copy the link to send to someone or download the event into your personal calendar (iCal/Outlook).

If you would like all events on a calendar posted to your personal calendar, scroll to the bottom of the events listing page and click on Subscribe/Embed. Click on either “Google Calendar” or “iCal/Outlook”.

Adding Events to YSPH & Department Website Calendars

YSM training instructions:

The YSPH Quick Version:

  • To post an event: (You’ll be asked for your netid and password)
  • Select: Lab sites 
  • Select your calendar AND Yale School of Public Health, plus other department calendars which you think your event should be listed. (Always add Yale School of Public Health calendar. This comprehensive YSPH Calendar and events will be approved by the YSPH Communications Office daily. We will edit as appropriate for public posting on the front page of website. Most events will be included.)
  • Fill in form as completely as possible including address (loads google map). You can go back and edit/update your entry at any time.

The YSPH Detailed Version:

First and most important is to select the correct Month, Day and Year of event and times for the event, be careful to mark each box in ‘event time’ with am or pm.


The title field should list the sponsoring forum and talk title.

YSPH Centennial Lecture: “_______”
YSPH Chronic Disease Epidemiology Seminar: “Women and strokes”
YSPH Diversity Committee Roundtable: “___________”

    1. The Description field should have the speaker’s bio or description of the event. Please note that the speaker’s name has a separate field under the “DETAILS” tab. For conferences or symposiums, put the schedule here.
    2. Event time: Be sure to add AM or PM to the time.
    3. Street address should be included so that the google directions and map features will work properly.


Fill out as much information as available. Please note that “Admission” is a required field.
Speaker info is important.  Each line under the speaker info area is for the information pertinent to the speaker only. In the case of a seminar with multiple speakers just put Multiple Speakers in the Speaker Name line. Leave the rest blank as it is usually listed on the brochure or flyer.

Speaker Name: Kathleen Neuzil, MD, MPH, FIDSA (advance degrees should not have periods (M.D.)
Speaker Title: (or multiple titles) Professor, Medicine, and Pediatrics; Professor and Director, Center for Vaccine Development; & Deputy Director, Institute for Global Health
Department: (In this listing due to multiple titles, it should be listed together)
Organization: University of Maryland School of Medicine
Hosted by V. Pitzer/D. Weinberger

YSPH / HPM Seminar: "Better Late than Never: Physician Response to Schedule Disruptions"
Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Time: 12:00 PM until 1:00 PM
Status: Confirmed
Tags: Lectures and Seminars

Location: LEPH 115
60 College St
New Haven, CT 06510-3201

Speaker: Hannah Neprash
PhD Candidate in Health Policy
Department of Economics
Harvard University
Hosted by YSPH Dept Health Policy & Management

Audience: Yale Only
Admission: Free

    • Using the checkboxes and dropdown message, check off your own department, Yale School of Public Health and School of Medicine. If this is an extracurricular activity, please add to the “Cal-YSPH Student Activities” calendar.  You may also want to suggest your event to other departments. E.g. A talk on malaria in Africa, can be cross-listed on CAL-YSPH Global Health
  2. PROMOTE/Flyerboard
    • Attach your flyer or photo (Hi RES) and click “Submit event for consideration in weekly digest.”
  3. If your event is cancelled, click “Cancelled” in the Event status field on the Event tab. This will mark the event as cancelled on the calendar. Do not just delete the event as people who have subscribed to the calendar are less like to see the change of status. (also do not type the word CANCELLED in the title line, if you check the cancelled box, you will not see it in the edit view but it will appear on the calendar as cancelled, and will pull the event from someone’s personal calendar so they don’t inadvertently show up)
Calendar Listing
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