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Kaveh Khoshnood

May 13, 2020
Kaveh Khoshnood
  • 00:00YSPH graduates of 2020,
  • 00:04My sincere and heartfelt congratulations to you all.
  • 00:09You not only managed to get your academic work done,
  • 00:13but many of you stepped up and responded to the COVID19 pandemic.
  • 00:17You signed up as volunteers to assist the Connecticut Department public health with contact tracing efforts.
  • 00:23You developed an online platform for the elderly to request their medications to be delivered to their homes.
  • 00:29And you supported the faith communities in New Haven with their COVID19 response.
  • 00:34I am proud of and inspired by you and your work and grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know some of you.
  • 00:42I wish you the very best and the next phase of your journey.