A David Paltiel, MBA, PhD

Professor of Public Health (Health Policy), Professor of Management, and Professor in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies

Departments & Organizations

School of Public Health: Health Policy & Management | IBM Registry | Public Health Modeling Concentration | YSPH Global Health Concentration

Yale Institute for Global Health

Global Health Studies

Office of Cooperative Research

Yale Institute for Global Health


The objective that guides Dr. Paltiel's scholarly activities is to promote a reasoned approach to decision making and resource allocation in public health and medicine. Trained in the field of Operations Research, Dr. Paltiel designs and implements policy models and cost-effectiveness analyses. He has a special interest and expertise in HIV/AIDS and has published broadly on the cost-effectiveness of testing, prevention, treatment, and care, both in the United States and around the world.

Education & Training

PhD Yale University, Operations Research (1992)
MBA Yale University (1985)
BA McGill University (1981)


  • Cost-effectiveness of Packages of Interventions in Maternal-Child Health and Malnutrition Mirria, Niger (2016)

    Cost and cost-effectiveness analysis of packages of nutrition and other health-promotion interventions implemented by NGO partners in Niger with a target population of 9000 children & Mothers.

  • HIV, Developing countries Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Cape Town, South Africa; Chennai, India (2010)

    Optimizing HIV Care in Less Developing Countries

  • Health Management Milan, Italy (2008)

    Professor Paltiel conducted instructional programs in health management.

  • HIV Testing Guidelines Paris, France; Lisbon, Portugal (2008)

    Professor Paltiel works closely with the French Ministry of Health and the health surveillance branch of the French government to help them promulgate their first-ever national guidelines for routine HIV testing.

  • HIV Prevention and Care Cost-Effectiveness Cape Town, South Africa; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2008)

    With colleagues in South Africa, Professor Paltiel has researched and published on the cost-effectiveness of alternative HIV prevention and patient care interventions.

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